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The Perks of Being a Commanders Season Ticket Holder

Stephen Troese Jr

Washington Commanders fans don’t want to miss a single moment of the season. They may turn to a season ticket to save on the cost of attendance. But what benefits do Commanders season ticket holders get? 

Stephen Troese Jr. says that the benefits include discounts and members only fast lanes. Members also get free access to the NFL Game Pass and RedZone. Season ticket holders will even be able to attend exclusive year-round events.

Signing up for a season pass to every Commanders game may be a hefty upfront cost, but the benefits make up for the price tag. Stephen Troese Jr. explains more on what a Washington Commanders season pass will get you below. 

Commanders Season Ticket Holder Benefits

On top of seats to every Commanders game through the season at no additional cost, season ticket holders are treated to a host of additional benefits

·         Member Only Fast Lanes 

Navigating the swarms of excited Commanders fans can be a point of stress for attendees when game day rolls around. Season ticket holders are shortlisted into an exclusive fast lane. 

Exclusive entrances to FedEx Field will help passholders get to their seats quickly, avoiding tedious queues. 

What’s better? Some of the stadium’s concession stands have exclusive fast lanes as well. Even getting game day snacks is easier as a season ticket holder. 

·         Discounted Concessions 

Once season pass holders get through the exclusive member line, they’re treated to 50% off concessions. This includes all food sold at public concession stands in FedEx Field. 

However, this benefit does not extend to alcoholic beverages. 

·         Discounted Gear 

Commanders superfans who want to represent their favorite players won’t have to break the bank to do so. Team gear purchased at the Washington Football Team Store will get a 15% off discount with a season ticket. This discount applies both in person or online.

·         Year-Round Event Access 

Discounts and fast lanes are nice, but the event access is what takes the season ticket benefits from good to great. When Commanders fans become season pass holders, they’re provided access to exclusive events – even in the off season. 

These events will allow ticket holders the chance to see players, staff, coaches, and even alumni in ways no one else can. 

Stephen Troese Jr
  • Free NFL Game Pass and RedZone Access 

Whether fans couldn’t make a game, or just want to relive every incredible touchdown, the NFL Game Pass and RedZone will have a full library of video on-demand (VOD) footage of each game. A free membership to NFL Game Pass and RedZone is yet another benefit of a season ticket. 

The plan includes: 

  • Live access to the NFL Network 
  • On-demand highlights, Game in 40 and Sunday in 60 episodes, and an impressive VOD collection 
  • Viewing capabilities on desktop, tablet, mobile, Xbox, PS4, Samsung and LG Smart TVs, and more 
  • Downloadable content for offline viewing 


Commanders season ticket holders naturally enjoy full entry to every amazing game at FedEx Field. The benefits of a season ticket extend beyond just that. 

Signup can be facilitated by filling out a form on the Commanders website. From there, a representative will be in contact in 24-48 hours to begin the process. 

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