We are about a month away from the start of training cap for the Redskins, so if you’re like Stephen Troese Jr., you probably getting a little anxious for the Redskins to get their pads on and see who is going to lead the team to an NFC East crown.

While you wait for this, Stephen Troese Jr. wanted to take a second and have a laugh with you about this new marketing campaign from the NFL that hit a big of a snag. As you know, the Redskins are from Washington D.C., and D.C. and Northern Virginia residents represent the majority of Skins fans.

Do you know who are probably not the biggest Redskins fans? People who live in Seattle, Olympia, and other places in the state of Washington. The NFL Shop started selling a lineup of state pride license plates featuring the team logo with an outline of the state it calls home. That sounds like a cool idea, right?

There’s only one problem though. The guy in charge of the Redskins license plate thought that the Redskins were from the state of Washington. This might not be the biggest seller of the bunch. Stephen Troese Jr. will be the first to tell you that it can be a little confusing. They’re the Washington Redskins, but they play in Maryland. And their training camp is Virginia.

If the NFL had matched the logo with one of those states, this might be one thing. But Washington? That’s a whole other story. Stephen Troese Jr. looks forward to Redskins training camp in Virginia and not in the Pacific Northwest next month, and he hopes you do too. It should be an interesting year.