Federal, state and municipal governments and private organizations are increasingly turning to energy service companies (ESCOs) to upgrade their facilities’ infrastructure while at the same time reducing energy usage.  ESCOs guarantee energy savings and work towards using the most energy efficient resources possible. ESCOs work on all levels of the project, including conducting an audit, designing the project, financing, and installation.

LRI Energy Solutions, led by Stephen Troese Jr., partners with ESCOs to deliver the maximum level of energy efficiency on various design-build construction projects. The ESCO community chooses LRI Energy Solutions for their projects because of its wealth of experience, its creative solutions for difficult problems, and its vendor-neutral status. LRI Energy Solutions has worked on more than 700 projects worldwide.

Stephen Troese Jr. is the CEO and founder of LRI Energy Solutions. He founded the company over 25 years ago, and he led the company through significant growth in the mid-1990s when he was a part of the first DOE ESPS IDIQ pilot projects. Stephen Troese Jr. and LRI Energy Solutions have won multiple awards from the federal government, state governments, and local governments. Stephen Troese Jr. is a well-known expert in energy efficiency design-build construction. Today, he oversees the company’s financial performance and leads its operations and strategic planning.

This blog will focus not only on Stephen Troese Jr. but the work that is being done by ESCOs to achieve better energy efficiency in an effort to upgrade infrastructure while reducing energy usage.